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You were loved.

You are loved.

You have always been loved.

BELOVED is a role-playing game rooted in the Lost & Found SRD. Drawing inspiration from sources such as Toy Story, The Velveteen Rabbit, Small Soldiers and Among the Sleep, you are cast in the role of one of six Beloved - childhood toys acting as playmates, guardians, and comfort for the Children you care for.

Across three Acts your Beloved will meet and guide six Children through life, as you contemplate your Beloved's role in their futures and in the wider world around them. You will accomplish this by answering questions, selecting prompts,  and telling the intimate tale of a toy and the Children who love and need them. 

This game was made for the Lost & Found Jam.

Some lovely words from players:

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorUrania Games
Tagspoc-made, Short, Slice Of Life, Solo RPG, story-game, Tabletop role-playing game


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I definitely played this one wrong - but this was my first experience with journaling and solo-rpging and I loved it. I don't think I played it horribly wrong - I just chose one child per act instead, so only guided 3 children instead of 6. 

I loved it, personally. I felt really immersed in the world and it took about 2 and a half hours to finish. I based it off of my webkinz monkey and created a world with "PixelPets" instead. The monkey, at first, was sold at grocery stores before the popularity of PixelPets grew. They had no code because the parents' threw out the tag without inspecting it and had never heard of PixelPets. When the first child turned 7, he got a new PixelPet with a code and became obsessed with the 'collect-them-all' aspect and abandoned the little monkey. He was then donated and because he had no code, was very cheap in thrift stores.

He went to one child who had him for nearly ten years before accidentally donating him and then was found by another child at a thrift store, bought for very little, and went through foster homes with the little boy until he grew up and became a therapist. The little monkey sat in his office - well-worn, and the therapist invested in play therapy and his office became filled with toys - whom are beloved and the monkey guides them through their journey and gives them advice on how to be the best beloved possible.

Really nostalgic and heartwarming game! Thanks for the great first experience, even if I got a little confused lol!


Beloved is a game inspired by Toy Story. You play as a toy who is beloved by a child, and is then passed onto a new child as your original companion ages. You tell the story of each of the six children you cared for.


i dont speak japaneese

Bonjour j'ai acheter le Bundle Ukraine et votre jeu y est, mais je n'est acces qu'au fichier image et texte est ce normal ??

Bonjour ! Vous avez accès à un fichier texte et à un PDF. Ces deux fichiers contiennent le contenu du jeu.

le jeu et un jeu en papier reel ?

Le jeu est un document avec 34 pages.