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St. Julian’s Catholic School is the country’s finest religious educational institution. It is also its most haunted. Founded in 1822 before being burnt down during World War II, the refurbished school stands at the waypoint between life and death. Spiritual and physical. It is a silent battleground between the anito of the land and those external forces that would invade it, with its hapless students and staff stuck in the middle. 

We of St. Julian’s promise all our scholars the finest education. That is… if they survive long enough to graduate.

WELCOME TO ST. JULIAN'S is a supplement for Liminal Horror by Goblin Archives set in a Catholic school. It contains the following:

  • A time-bending mystery
  • Five factions with contrasting and clashing ambitions
  • Over 20 locations across 2 different time periods
  • New character creation tables
  • New equipment options, fallouts, and relics

WELCOME TO ST. JULIAN'S is currently in the Itchfunding phase. What this means that it is available for purchase as a text/PDF file, fully playable, without layout or illustrations. I am aiming to raise $160 in order to pay for the cover art and some interior illustrations. Anything additional will be used either to commission more artwork or compensate the cost of labor for writing, editing, and layout design.

I aim to have the fully laid out and illustrated file released by December.

For every copy sold during this Itchfund period I will generate a Community Copy after this month.

Welcome To St. Julian's is an independent production by Kyle Tam and is not affiliated with Goblin Archives LLC. It is published under the Liminal Horror Third Party License.

This module contains mentions of organized religion, gore, depictions of war, and death. 


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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any chance we could get this in pdf form?


The text-only file is a PDF file, and the full release will also be a PDF.

d'oh! i totally missed the part where there was a full release incoming... 🤦🏻‍♂️


No worries! I’m hoping to have that full release w/layout and art ready by Christmas!