ITCHFUND IS OVER! Next Steps For The Future!


Thanks to the wonderful people who supported MORIAH during prefund and the Itchfund phase, we raised a total of $1612.26!! Not bad at all! With this we are hitting ALL the content goals. That means a total of six Roads, some new interior art pieces from Tony Tran, professional editing and a really sick looking layout that I, personally, am super excited to get in your hands.

Right now we are looking to (hopefully) get the final PDF done and dusted out to you by late May/early June if all goes well. Here's a schedule of expected deadlines and such:

  • March: Send out backer requests/fulfillment requirements. This will likely be next week!
  • End of March: All supplementary writing (new Roads) is complete.
  • March - April: Five new pieces of art are commissioned, one for each new Road. These will hopefully be done by end of April/start of May.
  • Mid-April: Editing of supplementary material text.
  • April - May: Layout and polishing of the final PDF.
  • End of May/Early June: The final PDF for MORIAH is released! What a banger!

This is the optimistic timeline. Realistically, I'm aware that everybody on my teams has their own projects and work to do, and stuff happens. For example, Armanda who is our wonderful layout designer is in dire need of a new computer. So if you'd like to see MORIAH's full PDF get released on time, do be a dear and buy a bundle!

I'll keep you posted with new pictures of the layout, new Road previews, and new art as and when it comes in! Once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in this project. I'll talk to you soon!


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